Community Through Sport

Community Through Sport

Hi there! Lindsey here, you may know me as @LindzTris over on Instagram. I am the founder of TBD Racing. This team started as a small idea at the back of my mind. I have been an athlete most of my life. Team sports were my jam for my first 25 years. I started playing soccer as soon as I was old enough to kick a ball. As I got older, I transitioned to coaching. I left the sport of soccer to pursue new dreams and soon found myself in the world of endurance sports. Endurance sports are largely a solitary activity. There are groups you can join, local running groups, cycling groups, even teams. Coming from team sports, I craved that team aspect. I wanted to belong to something.

After my first year in the sport, I went looking for teams. Locally there wasn’t much for me to choose from, so I turned to the internet. Through the Instagram community I found out about ambassador teams. I wanted that. Sure the free kit and discount were amazing, but I wanted a team. I longed for the community I had grown accustomed to. The first big ambassador team I joined was fine. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it, but the team was lacking the community I craved. The set-up for team interaction wasn’t conducive to creating a community, which was probably its biggest hindrance. Sure I was on a team, but I hardly knew my teammates. There was no connection.

The next year I went for another team. One I had seen promoted all over social media. THEY were a team. THAT was what I wanted. I applied, crossed my fingers and toes and waited. Early November, I got the email, I made it! I was ecstatic. Finally I had a place to belong. The team was awesome! The women on the team literally made my season. I suddenly had 150 new friends. People to share my training journey with, to turn to for help, advice or encouragement and to in turn offer my friendship and encouragement. Sure I got a fancy new kit, but the women of that team are what made it special. I came to know many truly unique and inspiring women over the course of the year. I had teammates at both my half Ironman and my first full Ironman to meetup with and even start the race with. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to have someone to bounce your nervous energy off of while you’re waiting for that canon to go off. The experience was truly invaluable and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Ambassador/sponsor renewal season rolled around and it was time to reapply. I completed my reapplication within minutes of the form opening. Of course I was going to apply, how could I not? I sent off my application and began the long waiting period. During that time, I saw swarms of other women applying to the team. I had women contacting me, asking for advice, wanting desperately for an experience I was so lucky to have had.

I sat back and thought on this. How many of these awesome ladies would make this team? Not many. That’s nothing against the team itself or teams modeled like that. It simply isn’t economically feasible for a team that gives out free gear and discounts to have a large amount of members. I sat back and chewed on that for awhile. How many of the friends I had made outside of the team, would make it on? How many on the team would make it back for that matter? Myself included.

The thought sat there as a small knot in my stomach. I had found a community to belong to and I wasn’t ready to give that up, but I also wanted to expand the community. An idea was slowly creeping its way into my head. That idea, “Start a new team.” Now I’m no stranger to running teams. I’ve run coaching programs, businesses and soccer teams for years, but who would join me? Who was I to start something like this? I’m certainly not what I’d call a superstar in the triathlon and running community. I finished my first full in a little over 16 hours. Sure I have a decent following on Instagram, but nothing special and I didn’t have a brand to promote. I was just me.

Screw it, I pushed the doubts and fears aside. I rescinded my application and made plans to start a new team. I wanted to be able to give my full attention to this new community. Through my current connections within the endurance community, I pulled in a few special ladies to help me and TBD Racing was born.

We’ve been working diligently behind the scenes to develop a new racing team. An unbranded, unsponsored team centered on community. A team for both men and women in any endurance sport, slow or fast, newbie or elite. A place for people grow and find support. TBD Racing’s inaugural season will be 2018. I invite you to join us on what is sure to be an adventure. Applications will open Monday November 13th.

Authored by Lindsey Dillon Langston




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