What is TBD Racing?

TBD Racing, the name started out as a filler for a “real” name, but we have since decided to keep it. We are Tough By Design and aim to be The Best Damn Racing Team out there.


What makes TBD Racing special?

We are a brand spanking new endurance team! We are unsponsored and unaffiliated. Our team is about one thing and one thing only, the people in it. We welcome athletes from any endurance sport, running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, even obstacle racing! Whether you race 5ks or Ironman distance triathlons we want you!


Do I have to be fast?

No, absolutely not. We welcome all abilities and levels, from newbie to elite.


Do I need to have a large social media account to be selected?

No. We don’t care if you have all of one follower or 20 thousand. This team is not about numbers. We have no brand to promote. We are about YOU.


What do I get as a member of the team?

If you are looking for sweet discounts and free gear, we aren’t the team for you. We are a community of athletes. Here you will receive camaraderie and support. Those of you that have been a part of ambassador programs in the past will know that this is by far, the most beneficial part of any team. Stuff doesn’t matter, people do. New members will also get a featured spot on our website in the member section with their own dedicated page detailing who they are as an athlete, along with links to social media and blog handles.


Will there be team gear?

YES! We will be designing our own gear for the 2018 season. It won’t be free, but we will work with manufacturers to keep the costs as low as possible. Because we are unsponsored and unaffiliated, no portion of member gear purchases will be going to the team for profit. All items will be at cost.


What if I am on another team?

You are welcome to join us! This team is unsponsored and will never be tied to any brand, meaning you will never have a conflict with other teams or sponsorships that you may have. In the future, we may partner with brands, but members will never be required to promote any of our partnerships.

Members will not be required to race in our gear or promote the team in any way. Of course, we’d love the support if you want to wear our team gear or promote the team on social media. We want you to be proud of us, but it will never be required or expected. Special hashtags will be given out to our team members, so you can let the world know you are a part of TBD Racing!


What is required of me?

We expect our athletes to be kind above all else. You get back what you put into this world. Put out kindness and you may just be surprised what you receive in return. Contribute to the team community, commit to training and racing clean and never cheat.


How do I apply?

Registration for the 2018 season is now closed. Registration for the 2019 season will open in early fall 2018.


When will I be notified if I made the team?

Team announcement will be by December 1st. This will give us a month to get to know each other before our 2018 season officially starts. All applicants will receive an email.


How will the team communicate?

A few emails will be sent out throughout the year, but the team will mainly communicate in a closed Facebook group for team members only.


Have a question not listed? Send it over to info@tbdracing.org